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Pack Meet: 6

We are organizing a furmeet in Groningen!
Everyone is welcome.

March  21th 2020 12:00 to 18:00 
Location AC de Holm, Folkingestraat 9B in Groningen.

The location is easily reached from Groningen Central station: just walk in a straight line, over museum bridge, until you see venue on the left hand side.
There are several garages nearby for those of you coming by car.

There will be some arts and craft supplies, boardgames and ample room for other activities.
We will also provide snacks and drinks.

There will be a fursuit walk through Groningen city center if weather permits.

To help cover location cost, drinks and snacks we ask a small entry fee of 5 EUR.
(You can pay by pin or cash)

Please sign up below so we know how many to expect for purchasing snacks and drinks :)

Location: AC de Holm



  • Centrum - Pelsterstraat 15, 9711 KH Groningen
    (An old parking garage. Has very tight turns, not recomended for larger cars.) P-Centrum
  • Bios - Ruiterstraat 12, 9712 CD Groningen P-Bios  
  • museum - Herepoortenmolendrift 2, 9711 DG Groningen P-Museum
  • P&R  - Park outsite the city and take the bus. Parking is free and a bus ticket for up to 5 people is only 6 EUR. P&R Groningen